\"Tr\"CUTTING DOWN NATIVE TREES IN MAUNGARUAHINE PĀ HISTORIC RESERVE IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE UNDER THE CONSERVATION ACT Te Kapu O Waitaha has the responsibility for the management and administration of Maungaruahine reserve. Native trees were reported by Waitaha beneficiaries to have been crudely knocked over within the reserve by a local resident. We have followed up with DOC compliance officers to investigate the matter. Our expectations are that the law is there to hold people to account for their actions. It is devastating to see the damage in such a significant waahi for Waitaha. A further announcement will be made following DOC investigations. The Act is there to protect.. Every person commits an offence against the Conservation Act who; in any way interferes with a reserve or damages the recreational, scenic, historic, scientific, or natural features or the flora and fauna therein The penalties are,— (a)in the case of an individual, imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding $100,000, or both:   We will be putting “signage” on the agenda for next discussions with DOC to reduce acts of destruction and ignorance. \"pic2\"]]>