Nga pūrongo

Te Arawa Fisheries

  • Te Arawa Fisheries truck is at Waitangi Wednesdays and Fridays each week
  • Fisheries to explore viability for a Te Arawa fishing venture following a visit to Sandfords Stewart Is.
  • Waitaha Charitable Trust met with Te Arawa Fisheries General Manager to determine opportunities for reducing burden through the application/registration process.  Further discussions will take place next week.
Waitaha Hauora Hei marae recently hosted 30 nurses from Te Manu Toroa. Health promotion included a myriad of information ranging from rheumatic fever, healthy kai choices, cardiac education and management, diabetes.

Zero fee doctors\’ visits for tamariki aged under 13

From July 1 2015 most general practices offer zero-fees visits to enrolled children aged under 13. Under-13s are also exempt from the standard $5 pharmacy charge for each prescription item Waitaha Kohanga Reo Nga mahi o te Kohanga Reo o Waitaha is rated highly by National Te Kohanga Reo Trust.  This means continued reviews need only occur once every 2 years.  This is an exemplar result. Hei Marae komiti continually acknowledge the Kohanga reo and nga mokopuna contributions to the marae. Mauao Under the Reserves Act 1977, there is a requirement where Tauranga City Council must review its reserve management plans periodically. The review of the Mauao Reserve Management plan is finally completed. Still awaiting however, on the cultural impact report hui with Anton Coffin.  This was being arranged by Dean Flavell Healthy Homes Project Healthy Homes Project is supported by the DHB.  The aim of the project is to improve family health, reduce rheumatic fever in children, assist in reducing power bills, improve warmth and comfort in the home. Waitaha Charitable Trust will co-ordinate with the provider to deliver options for Waitaha.  A key priority will be the kaumaatua flats and homes not previously insulated. If you are interested in having your whare assessed please call the office 573 5314  ]]>