\"Notice The Trust is responsible for informing its’ beneficiaries, about the elections for 2016. The desired outcome is that the future board of Te Kapu O Waitaha Trust and its’ subsidiaries will consist of leaders, who are mission driven and are committed to taking forward the vision “ruia he kakano ka tupu, a konei nga hua. Apopo he ngaherehere ora!.   WHY HOLD AN ELECTION? Pursuant to Schedule 2, section 3.1 of Te Kapu O Waitaha Trust Deed, the Board is required to hold an election every three years. Any member(s) of the current Board may be re-elected for a further term and or any other qualifying nominated candidates.   HOW MANY APPOINTMENTS FOR BOARD MEMBERSHIP CAN BE MADE FOR 2016 ELECTIONS? The Board membership may not exceed 3 appointments for 2016 ELECTIONS   INVITES FOR NOMINATIONS AND ENROLMENTS The Board will call for nominations, and invite those who are not yet registered to enrol. Invitations for nominations and inclusion on the roll open 26TH September 2016 and close October 7th, at 12.00pm. A beneficiary may only view or discuss their own record of enrolment, and not those of relatives or otherwise due to the Privacy Act 1993. All qualifying enrolments that occur on October 7th 2016 after the closing of roll registrations at 12.00pm will not be eligible to vote in this year’s elections, however will still be included on the register following the closing of the election process.   HOW CAN I CHECK TO SEE IF I AM ALREADY ENROLED? Telephone: 07 573 5314 Email: info@waitahabackup.seoauckland.net.nz If you have had a change of name or contact details please contact us immediately by clicking here https://waitaha-iwi.org.nz/contact/]]>