He Pitopito Korero o Whiringanuku 2014

\"Waka\" Te Kapu O Waitaha sincerely thank our koeke for their dedication and support to the multiple demands of numerous kaupapa over the past month.  They have endured many hours, and many meetings in their role as advisors to the Board and kaimahi.  Without them is having a waka with no oars!  Ka nui te mihi We wish to also thank our Board members, nga koeke, and whānau who have consistently turned up to hui-ā-iwi to assist with the Iwi Management Plan, and environmental kaupapa in particular. This has been a huge undertaking, and a milestone for Waitaha in that it is our very first formal document that inform Waitaha whānau, central, and local government of our position as an iwi now and into the future. We encourage all whanau to jump on the waka, toward building a better future for Waitaha!]]>