\"RENA Nga koeke met with Ngati Makino to reconfirm the position for Waitaha following announcements of a Te Arawa Settlement with the Rena owners. Waitaha maintains support for the original agreement which was to completely remove the wreck from Otahiti, and object to the granting of the resource consent application. Waitaha also supported the utilization of the mauri model as the monitoring tool for the moana. View LEADERS UPSET AFTER IWI WITHDRAW OPPOSITION TO THE REMOVAL OF RENA  on Waitaha Taiohi Face Book To view the Mauri Model delivered by Dr Kepa Morgan click here  http://mediacentre.maramatanga.ac.nz/content/te-arawa-research-showcase-1 To view more updates on http://www.renaproject.co.nz/  ]]>