Seeking your Views on our Education Pathway

Since the endorsement by our beneficiaries to establish the Waitaha Charitable Trust, we will be seeking the views of our beneficiaries to inform an education pathway strategy with regards to how and what we will make grant distributions toward.  The Board will place emphasis on the achievement of real outcomes that benefit our beneficiaries while taking into account measures that avoid duplication of taking on board government responsibility, as opposed to Trust obligations. We will set the platform to be “inclusive” in collecting your views through consultation with our beneficiaries in August.  This will be run through further workshops which will be marae based, as well as surveys run through the following:

  • Waitaha Taiohi facebook, and
  • the website
In this way we are able to include those who are living away from home, or unable to make it to hui. Your views will inform the WAITAHA CHARITABLE TRUST grant policies which will be delivered at the AGM in December for endorsement.]]>