WAAHI TAPU AND COMMERCIAL FOREST HARVESTING \"capture\" Working together is important in order to assure ourselves of the best results possible. Earlier this year we provided a Cultural Impact assessment for FOMS the forest managers for Fulton Hogan woodlot situated alongside the Papamoa Hills Regional Heritage Park. This led to Waitaha leading the induction, and tikanga process with forest managers, proprietors, and contracted forest gang. The importance is due to the significant waahi tapu located in and around the forest site. Commercial plantations will forever threaten such waahi. For this reason we included the re-forestation of native only. In this way no future logging could occur. We are pleased to report an agreement from Fulton Hogan has been confirmed to do just that. We will look to registering the waahi tapu in the block in the near future to safe guard further destruction in perpetuity.]]>