HAKARAIA ENDOWMENT Education Grants – Going digital!

\"Waitaha The Board approved a budget to develop an online grants system. This means any registered beneficiary can apply on the Trusts website no matter where they are located. In addition you no longer have to wait for a reply via an email service, you can LIVE CHAT direct and have a conversation in real time for any queries you may have via the website. EDUCATION STRATEGY December 2015 the beneficiaries passed at the AGM the revised Statement of Intent of which contained the updated strategy for Education 2015 -2025. You can view this online www.waitahabackup.seoauckland.net.nz under the Kaitiaki page DEDICATED RESOURCE The Education strategy is complex in that it encompasses brokering opportunities with the business sector to enhance training and employment opportunity. In addition liaison with Schools, the Ministries, Waitaha pae tapu, service providers, and internal grant distribution staff. This role IS FIXED TERM and will be advertised at the end of this month following budget approval from the Board at their recent meeting. WE HAD TO GROW THE ENDOWMENT FUND IN ORDER TO DISTRIBUTE – WE ARE NOW THERE! The Board had implemented a financial plan to grow the Hakaraia Endowment in order to provide a distribution from interest on investment while maintaining the principle funds. Due a strict financial regime they are pleased to announce the first education grant distribution ever to happen by Waitaha for Waitaha!!!, to be launched this year   WHAT IS BEING FUNDED? 1st Year tertiary Students Apprenticeships year 1, 2, and 3   BOARD DISCRETIONARY GRANT The discretionary grant allows the Board to consider one off applications that may benefit the wider iwi, and has an educational element. These are assessed on a case by case basis. Closing dates for this is aligned to the normal grant opening and closing dates.   GRANT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Trusts can store a lot of information or no information. The Board has implemented the approval of a database system which will only hold critical data in relation to;

  • Understanding the future human capability and skill within Waitaha iwi
  • Success rates
  • Age groups
  • Place of study
  • Subjects being undertaken
  • Geographical locations
  • Empirical feedback and enhancements
  • Priority identification and analysis
  • Matauranga Maori and the state of Waitaha capabilities for succession