• You are not subject to the postal system and the issues experienced in the past
  • Puts the power back to the individual vote via their personal mobile devices
  • Receive voting alerts to make sure you get your vote in on time
  • You can vote at any time no matter where you are
  • Increases efficiency for the scrutineer/Chief Returning Officer
  • Is cost effective in the long run
  • We will report the date that we post out the information and requirements to you.  If you do not receive your mail by a certain date, we would advise you to contact us on 07 573 5314 or email tearangi@waitahabackup.seoauckland.net.nz.  Don’t panic this will not get underway until Late January 2021. (A point to note is that these changes were mandated by a previous postal ballot vote by the registered members of the Trust in 2019).]]>