• Background

    The Hakaraia Education Endowment was realised through the Waitaha Treaty Settlement Claim 2013 as a result of the wrongful acts by the crown against Hakaraia and land confiscation.

    Our vision encompasses a quality of life for our beneficiaries in educatoin, health, well-being and cultural strength.

    What we don’t fund

    • Applications where the apllicant has already commended study/course
    • Study where Waitaha iwi/beneficiaries are entitled to apply through Te Arawa Fisheries Trust
    • Projects or services that do not meet charitable criteria
    • Commercial and non-charitable organizations
    • Purposes where local, central or other agencies would be the natural source of funding
    • Groups where the applicants that do not meet the Waitaha registration criteria
    • Individuals/programmes seeking sponsorship & recreation purposes

    Special circumstances

    • Grants for Education activity/programmes/study that are outside of Aotearoa maybe considered on a case-by-case basis and only where the Board contemplates a high likelihood that the short term outcome will have a wider benefit to the iwi.
  • What We Do Fund


    Must be registered with Te Kapu o Waitaha If you are not registered when you apply for a grant, you must complete a registration form.