Our Commitment

We will work towards restoring our tribal footprint to our ancestral landscape, in both traditional and economic forms. The Trust will continue to forward plan, research, and seek out commercial opportunities enabling Te Kapu Ō Waitaha to support our perpetual journey toward future growth and development.

Area of Interest

Waitaha Rohe Area of Interest

WaitahaAreaofInterestThis map shows the Area of Interest agreed between Waitaha and the Crown in the Deed of Settlement signed on 20 September 2011.

The Waitaha rohe covers the lands and waters marked on the eastern side by the mouth of the Kaituna River.

Follow the Kaituna River to Te Tumu and then travel up the Kaituna River until it meets the Waiari River and follow the Waiari to Te Rerenga Stream. From there climb up to Otanewainuku and then beyond Otanewainuku to the Mangorewa River.

Then follow the Waimapu River down to the Tauranga Harbour and out to Mauao on the coast back down to the mouth of the Kaituna River.

Iwi rohe interest in local authority regions and districts

This rohe of Waitaha extends into the regions or districts of the following local authorities.

  • Regional Council
  • Environment Bay of Plenty (Regional Council)

Territorial Authority

  • Western Bay of Plenty District Council
  • Tauranga City Council
Historic & Scenic Reserves

Nga kōrero ā rohe o Waitaha

  • raparapaahoeCircleWairākei, Te Houhou, Ōtawa, Ōtara and Ōtanewainuku are ingrained with deep meaning; ka mau tonu te mauri ki a Waitaha. These are places of sustenance, refuge and ceremony.

    The Tauranga raupatu placed an additional traumatic layer of meaning on these sites. As markers of the boundary of the confiscation district, they have for Waitaha become entwined with their memories of war, dispossession, and marginalisation.

    Te Houhou, Ōtawa, Ōtara and Ōtanewainuku, are a lasting reminder to others of the significance of these places to Waitaha and of the existence of the confiscation line.

  • Ko Ōtawa te maunga
    Ko Te Raparapa-ā-Hoe te awa
    Ko Hei te tupuna Ko Takakōpiri te tangata
    Ko te pūtaratara o te tuanui
    Tāhūhu whakairinga kōrero Ka tū te ihiihi
    Ka tū te wanawana
    Tai tū te wehi o te moana o Punga e mauri
    Waitaha te iwi
    Te Arawa te waka

Mai i te Rae o Pāpāmoa, ki Te Ōkere o Mua, te Ōkere o Tua, ki te wehenga whakamutunga o Tamatekapua, ki Ōtawa ki te rangi te Ūpoko o Hei, ki Te Kirikiri te Ūpokonui, Te Ūpoko o Taranui, whakawhiti atu i Te Ara a Hei, ki Ōtanewainuku, te maunga o ngā patupaiarehe, he maunga tipua. Ka mihi ki a Pūwhenua. Ka mihi ki a Mauao.

Sites of Cultural Redress

  • TeAraaHeiSm

    Te Ara a Hei
  • MaungaruahineSm

  • OtanewainukuSm

  • OtaraSm

  • OtawaSm

The Waitaha Act which was passed in 2013 vested five sites of cultural significance in Te Kapu Ō Waitaha Trustees. Click on the links above to view larger files.

  • Hine Poto
  • Ohineangaanga
  • Whitikiore (together with a right of way easement in favour of the site granted by the Crown)
  • Te Haehae; and
  • Maungaruahine Pa Reserve, an historic reserve with Te Kapu Ō Waitaha as the administering body and as a scenic reserve the freehold estate in the Ōtara Scenic Reserve , as a scenic reserve, with Te Kapu Ō Waitaha as the administering body.
Commercial Properties

CommercialPropertiesCommercial Properties

The Trust wholly owns a number of properties which make up a portfolio of ground leases, rental, licensed rentals and fee simple title to undeveloped residential lands.

The primary objective of the Trust is to develop an investment strategy to pursue growth in the value of its property portfolio and to ensure the sustainability and growth of benefit to our beneficiaries.

An investment strategy that will be inclusive of all the Trust assets will be finalised by early June 2014.

  • Te Houhou
  • Te Puke Intermediate School site
  • Te Puke Primary School site
  • Te Puke High School site
  • Te Puke High School secondary school site
  • Fairhaven Primary School site

To view the commercial property maps please click here.

Special Projects

Developing our Iwi Management Plan

The Trust plans to continue to support the development of an iwi management plan which will include the values, tikanga, and management of our relationships between Waitaha, local government and others.

It will be extremely critical that we take a holistic approach which assures a mana whenua presence in the Waitaha area of interest.

Phase two will combine planning, and wananga with our people to seek out their views, and translate those into the iwi management plan with the view to complete a draft for consideration prior to a final submission.

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Exploring our Commercial Value

We have recently supported Waitaha Raupatu Trust to tender out a contract for a viability study of a specific section of the Te Houhou Block in Papamoa residential zoning.

The study aims to present viable options for Waitaha in terms of generating revenue while retaining our whenua. We will keep you informed of this project in the coming months.