Pānui | Updates

  • Change of date for Hui-A-Iwi

    **!!!NOTICE!!** Due to Hei Marae being booked this Sunday 17th November 2019 the Bi-Monthly Hui-a-iwi will now be postponed to the following weekend Sunday 24th November 2019, commencing at 9am, Kia Ora

  • Candidate Meeting Results

    Following a big turn out for the Candidate meeting on Sunday 22nd September, we report the following results; 1. Frank Grant, Carol Whare, and Joshua Grant were voted as approved to stand for Trustee this Year. 2. As the overall result was 3 approved candidates for 3 trustee positions in the 2019 Trust Election there […]

  • Candidate Meeting Information

    CANDIDATE MEETING INFORMATION FACILITATION OF THE MEETING The Candidate meeting will be facilitated by Te Kapu O Waitaha Board Chairman.  It should be noted that the Chair is not a participant for re-election. The facilitator will outline the procedure of the candidate meeting, voting, and announcement of results Trustee Pre-requisites for election as per the […]

  • Nominees For Truste Elections 2019

    NOMINEES FOR TRUSTE ELECTIONS 2019 (Three year term trustee positions) The following are profiles of the nominees wishing to stand for election this year.  All nominees will attend a Candidates meeting to be held at Hei Marae, 22ndSeptember commencing 10.00am.  The Candidates meeting is an opportunity for the Candidates to present to the beneficiaries, and […]


    All whanau are encouraged to attend the Waitaha Bi-monthly Hui-A-Iwi; Hei Marae Sunday 28thJuly 9.00am – 12.00pm A contribution toward lunch would be appreciated. RESTRICTED LICENSE GRANTS The Trust has approved funding for Waitaha Year 13 Students to sit their Restricted License.  This funding is made available to increase student independence toward seeking employment, training, […]

  • Hui-a-iwi Changes

    Due to Hei marae being booked on Sunday July 21st  2019 the Hui-a-iwi will now be held on Sunday 28th July 2019, 9.30am to 12pm at Hei Marae. If you attend a contribution toward lunch would be appreciated,   Nga mihi,

  • Charter Amendment Notification

      The Trust is required to review its’ Charter every five years.  During this process the Trustees have recommended the proposed changes following legal commentary and advice. The Trust will present and provide explanations to the proposed changes at scheduled information hui with our beneficiaries. Please click to view the tracked changes to the current Charter Information on […]


    The Trust has been working toward increasing how we assist our registered whanau in the future.  A glimpse of these things are; funding Waitaha mokopuna restricted licenses before they leave school, establishing a virtual tauira FB page so those mokopuna in study can support each other, share knowledge, resources, or simply catch a ride home […]


    If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to register; All your whanau updates especially email addresses please whanau include any new pepe born to your record that weren’t included prior notify us of any whanau who have since passed away Those who are in the draw for nga kete taonga-register updates, winners will be […]