• Hitori

    Waitaha history defines who we are and where we have come from as a people. The vision of Waitaha is that our history be documented. This is an important aspect to the revitalisation of Waitaha.

    Our commitment is to ensure our children benefit from our historical legacies “told by Waitaha for Waitaha”.

    The authenticity of our history will be an essential contributor toward permeating Waitaha pride and identity for generations to come.

  • Matauranga

    MataurangaOur vision is that Waitaha whānau enjoy life-long learning that equips them to create their own destiny.

    Our goal is that learning opportunities relevant to our people are accessible and enriching.

    Our commitment is to apply a holistic approach that recognises cultural mātauranga as an important dimension of Waitaha vibrancy in furthering our traditions throughout future generations.

Hakaraia Education Endowment

  • WaioekaGorgeThe Hakaraia Education Endowment is a tribute to Hakaraia.

    Hakaraia protested passionately against Waitaha land confiscations by the Crown in the 1870s.

    Hakaraia continued to fight until he was killed by Crown troops at Waipuna pa in the Waioeka Gorge on 23 March 1870.

  • Am I eligible?

    Eligibility will be to those who qualify as descendants of Waitaha and who are registered with Te Kapu Ō Waitaha.

    Are you taking applications?

    No applications will be considered until further consultation with iwi has occurred to inform education priorities.