About the Hakaraia Education Endowment

The Hakaraia Education Endowment was realised through the Waitaha Treaty Settlement Claim 2013 as a result of the wrongful acts by the Crown against Hakaraia and land confiscation.

  • To qualify for any grants through the Hakaraia Scholarship you MUST be a registered beneficiary of Te Kapu O Waitaha.

Tertiary Undergraduate Programmes of Study

If you are about to undertake a full time study programme toward an Undergraduate Degree at a recognised tertiary institution, then this scholarship may be for you.  The Hakaraia Education Endowment will fund course related costs, and course fees.


Tertiary Trade Apprenticeships

If you are about to undertake a full time Trade Apprenticeship, the Hakaraia Education Endowment will fund, course related costs which includes trade tools and course fees.

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