Te Kopuroa Orchard is managed by EastPack.  A five year plan is in motion to maximize the potential of the Orchard, and return.  Vine health has been a big focus in the past year.  This has included the replacement of sick vines, the containment of any PSA infected vines, and management of the impacts of a shallow water table.  One goal is to increase production of 1,000 trays per hectare each year over a five year period.  The orchard gate return exceeded $1million which was a good first return following acquisition.  The Group Holdings also holds transactor shares in EastPack which adds to the investment portfolio. In addition a long term goal is provide opportunity for seasonal employment and orchard management training for Waitaha whanau.  We have recently negotiated seasonal work between the months of October – February for Waitaha students returning home from their studies.  We negotiated  this because many had lost their part time jobs which impacted on their living costs while studying during COVID.

If anyone is interested in a trip to the orchard give us a call so we can arrange that for you.

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