Waitaha has interests in Te Arawa Fisheries (TAF), due to quota.  We attended the AGM recently to hear their annual report and plans for the future.

Chris Insley is the new appointed General Manager.  He delivered a clear focus on making change to improve the performance and financial position of the Trust.  These included introduction of a whole new commercial Board with global connections and experience necessary to drive economic and commercial decisions forward with new vigour and innovation.  Highlighted also were the extreme challenges of the quota system while balancing kaitiaki responsiveness to fish and marine resource.  While there are a number of things being reviewed in the Trust, we are interested in what changes are likely to take place with Scholarships and grants.  We have put forward via Punohu the rep for Waitaha our concerns following eight out of ten unsuccessful Waitaha applicants for TAF scholarships.  We have not yet had a response, however will continue to address this matter directly with the General Manager.

A further review has been proposed changes to the TAF Trust Deed.  This will be voted on next year.  All submissions should be responded to by March 2021.  A copy of the proposed changes can be found on their Face book page.  Alternately we have a copy at the Trust for those interested.  We will also ask that Punohu present that at the next Waitaha-Hui-A-Iwi.

Waitaha iwi Rep on TAF is by iwi nomination.  We will alert you when this occurs next.  This will also be tabled at the Waitaha-Hui-A-iwi so that you can vote to nominate a Waitaha representative at the next election.  The TAF Trust Deed sets out this process.

The next AGM will be held in March 2021 at Hei Marae.  We will notify whanau to attend.

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