COVID-19 has impacted economies world wide.  This means lower interest rates and returns on our investment portfolio that funds our grants and scholarships.  For this reason, we are reviewing all grants and scholarships funded by the Trust.  Our priority is to make sure we plan for increases in the number of people we can fund, including new grants being introduced over the next five years.  This does not necessarily mean that we will have less, what it means is maximising what funds we do have to allocate.

We will complete the distribution review this month and roll out any changes by November in time for people to start applications for 2021.

Scholarships and grants will include;

  • Tertiary study
  • Apprenticeships
  • Wananga/or initiatives that have a reo or cultural focus
  • Bi-lingual Holiday programmes
  • Hei Marae Insurance
  • Driving licenses for YR 12 and 13 students (learner and restricted)

NEW GRANTS being introduced for 2021

  • School uniforms and stationary for tamariki graduating from Kohanaga Reo and enrolled in a kura reo primary school
  • Extra tuition support (Kip McGrath) to assist students studying NCEA
  • Discretionary Grant – Manoeka Rd community revitalisation initiatives

If you wish to involved in the development of criteria for the NEW GRANTS please contact Te Arangi direct before 30th October 2020.  We would welcome a team of five to work with us on this kaupapa.

Other grants to be established in the future

  • Koeke Grant (those who are superannuants)

Criteria for the grants and scholarships will be notified by November following the review.  We will advise by Facebook, Website, and Trust hui with whanau.

If you have any questions about grants you should call Te Arangi direct on 07 573 5314.  We prefer that you receive the right information directly from the Trust.

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