The trust along with Maru Tapsell and Whareoteriri Rahiri are involved in the following projects;

  • Cultural landscape design for the Papamoa Regional Heritage Park
  • Wairakei reserve Papamoa
  • Waiari pipeline project
  • Establishment of a new Government Agency “Three Waters”
  • Kaituna re-diversion Project

The importance of representation on these projects is to exercise our rights under the Waitaha Treaty Claim legislation.  This includes the protection and preservation of the environment including having a regard for Waitaha tikanga, and whakairinga korero values.  Consultation and requests for our participation in these forums has increased significantly over time, where it barely existed prior.  A further aspect in why we make the time for these things is to ensure we are seen, heard, and promote Waitaha including emphasis on our association in regard to the streams, rivers, and significant sites of these projects.

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