Waitaha Claims Settlement Act 2013

Whānau travelled to Wellington on Wednesday and after being warmly welcomed by Bruce Stewart (Hirini whanau) and his whanau, stayed overnight at Tapu Te Ranga Marae in Island Bay.

On Thursday, our whanau went to Parliament where they heard our history acknowledged, the Crown’s breaches acknowledged and our tupuna, especially Hakaraia, recognised by the various Members of Parliament.

But it was not just our past that was recognised during the speeches, a number of the speakers mentioned how pleased they were to see our tamariki in the Speaker’s Gallery, and urged them to remember this historic moment. All speakers from the various political parties fully supported our Bill and on 12 June 2013, it became law. As a result, most of the settlement assets have now been transferred to Te Kapu o Waitaha, on behalf of Waitaha.

Te Kapu o Waitaha does not intend to do anything with these assets until careful planning and consultation with Waitaha has been undertaken. Firstly, however, the priority is the Trustee elections (more about this over the page).

It has been a long journey whanau, with a lot of sacrifice from our people to get to this point. But this is not the end of our journey, merely the beginning of a new one. We invite you to come with us so that we may all forge a bright new future for Waitaha.

Please click here to view the latest Issue of Te Karere a Waitaha Pānui September 2013

If you require additional information or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the office on 07 573 7483.

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